When can we expect the next release? What will be included?

I’m just curious if there’s a timeline for the next release and what will be included.

Thanks for asking WELZ :slight_smile:

Within the next 2 weeks we’ll be releasing a paid plan of dbdiagram (with plans less than $10 per month). Subsequently we’ll be working on a few of these features (listed below in no particular order):

  • Support notes for table
  • Support composite key relationship definitions
  • Support table grouping
  • Support password-protected diagram

Let me know if there’s something in your mind you want supported.

Concurrently we’ve also been working on dbdocs.io, which is a successor (and parallel product) to dbdiagram.

@huy I think the biggest feature I’d be ready to pay for is team collaboration… I create a diagram and then I’m working on it with a team member on their computer, so I need to sign into my account to make changes.

Also, defining positions within the code will be helpful.

Thanks @WELZ, team collaboration is certainly a big thing, one that we would need careful consideration, appreciate your feedback on that!

As for posioning I believe there’s already a thread for that: Feature Request: Allow me to save my positioning