Where did the Save button go?

I have also been getting the Synchronization error that resulted in losing 3 hours worth of changes. Yesterday the app continually gave the not connected to the server, out of sync error. I would refresh and lose a small bit of data. I got back home and opened the app again and lost all the work I had done in the prior 3 hours. In all that time I also noticed the Save button has disappeared and the app is currently saying it is ‘unsynced’ and I am afraid to refresh because I don’t want to lose my last 3 hours of data again. How do I get synced without losing data if there is no Save button?

OK, so I hit refresh and lost all my changes. Luckly I saved off my code to notepad before refreshing but now that I have replaced my code with the updated code, my diagram is back to default mode and I have to rearrange it again, which is no small task. I think it is time for you to rollback your sharing update.

Also, is the Save button just not a thing anymore? Even if you are implementing an autosave with versioning (which would be great, if it worked) you still need to have a Save button for very least, peace of mind for the user. I need to be able to hit the save button to make sure all is good because your app does not give me a level of comfort. I say this with the assumption that you will be fixing the current issues that keep losing my data.

Hi SevilNatas,

Our apologies for the inconvenience. Due to a technical limitation, offline sync is not possible at the moment. However, we do have plans to implement it in a big update in the future.

Regarding adding back the Save button, we’re considering before deciding to add it back. Currently, my advice in minimizing data loss is to stop editing as soon as you are unsynced (disconnected) and reload the page to sync back with the server. We believe every change acted during synced (connected) status shouldn’t be lost.

Hi SevilNatas,

We’ve re-added the Force Save button, which allows you to save your local version regardless of your connection status. However, care should be taken when using it while others are editing the diagram.

Screen Shot 2022-01-21 at 13.10.47