Why do I get "Send OTP failed"

I can log in by email on my personal laptop without issue, but when I try to log in on a work laptop I get a “Send OTP failed” error, but there’s no explanation of why it failed.

Does anyone have a suggestion why this may be, or how I can investigate the cause?

Login via Google doesn’t work on the work machine either.

Hi @Stuartgw ,
Sorry for the inconvenience you’ve experienced.
Can you tell me, have you successfully re-login?
Please let me know in detail what you are experiencing. For example, you did not receive the OTP, or did you enter the OTP incorrectly?

Hi @Bao_Le.
I don’t get the OTP.
When I enter my email and hit Submit I get the “Send OTP failed” error.

Hi @Stuartgw ,
Thank you for your response,
I think your network does not allow sending. Can you try using a VPN?

Unfortunately no I can’t as it’s a managed device.
I’m told that someone else has successfully logged in, so I will check if he has done anything different.

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