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This has been happening very frequently lately, I’ll be working on the tables and it will random disconnect with the message: “You have been disconnected because you are opening this diagram in another tab or browser!”.

As far as I can tell, it looks like it’s completely random. Sometimes it won’t happen for a couple hours, and sometimes it happens within 15-20 minutes of refreshing. Refreshing does reconnect, but it will eventually disconnect again. I am using Chrome as the browser, and it’s up to date.

Thanks for looking!

Hello josiahconrad,

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Currently, a single user can only open any specific diagram in only one tab. If you’re trying to open it in another tab or browser, this error will happen.

Keep in mind that going to /d will redirect you to the last opened diagram which might be the one you’re editing in other tabs.

I’m sorry for the inconvenience. But rest assured that your work is saved automatically when the disconnecting happened.

Yeah, I only ever have one tab open with dbdiagram in it. Yesterday it happened, I refreshed, and 30 seconds later it disconnected again with the same error message as I was modifying the dbml.

I’ve tried clearing my history (cookies, cache all of it), and restarting my browser multiple times a day as well. It still has this behavior pretty frequently.


Can you send me the email address that you use on dbdiagram so that we can look into it further?


I use google sign in, though as of yesterday it has improved significantly. It’s no longer doing it unless I’m out of the tab for an absurdly long amount of time. :slight_smile:

EDIT: I had to open my mouth. It started up again. -.-

Send that to you.

Hi josiahconrad,

We just released a small fix to address another problem that might also be related to your case. Please try again and see if the issues still exist.


So far it’s been good. :slight_smile: I’ll report back here if it starts again.

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I’m going to mark that as a solution, it seems that this issue is no longer happening. If it does disconnect, it will immediately reconnect as it did before.

Thank you!