Feature Release: Table Header Color and Table Group

We heard you! Table Header Color and Table Group are now available in dbdocs! These two are well-loved features in dbdiagram, and are most requested by our dbdocs community.

With this, you can add a custom color to your table headers and group tables together to better organize your data models.

Table Header Color

Choose a custom header color for each of your tables! This allows you to differentiate between tables and create more visually appealing documentation.

To set the header color for a table, use the following syntax:

Table ecomm_core.products [headercolor: #087f23] {

Table Group

Group tables together into categories! Keep your data models organized and maintain clean, clear documentation.

To group tables, use the following syntax:

TableGroup product_group {


These features are immediately available for everyone. However, similar to dbdiagram, they might be moved to a paid offering when we introduce paid plans in dbdocs in the next couple of months.

Give them a try and let us know what you think!

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Would it be possible to change the colour of a table group, in the same way the table header is defined?

So you would have

TableGroup my_group [color: #8F8DD8] {

Hi Anthony,

Currently, the coloring of table groups is not supported yet. We’ll consider implementing it in the future and will let you know when it’s ready.