Feature Request: Add comment to diagrams

Hi there,

I have an issue on using dbdiagram.
I want to add comment on the diagram so that I can view the diagram and comment together,
how can I do this?
I know I can use [note: “This is how much being listed”],
but I’m not only need comment in the schema, but also on the diagram though.

Table products {
  id int [pk]
  name varchar
  merchant_id int [not null]
  price int [note: "This is how much being listed"]
  status varchar
  created_at varchar

Could anyone help? Many thanks!

Think this is a good idea. I’d actually like to make some static dictionary data visible alongside the table. This could be a long comment I guess though some kind of new element would be better. Could have images as well that could be placed in there.

Currently, the table/field notes only appear when you hover on that table/field.

We believe the ability to add sticky notes on the diagram will be helpful.
The ability to put some sticky notes on the diagram already stays in our roadmap. We will keep you posted when it is ready.

Thank you.

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