Feature Request: Allow me to save my positioning

I use dbdiagram a lot, a very large and crucial part in understanding and visualizing my diagram is the positioning I set.

My biggest concern is that sometimes it glitches and I lose all my positionings (which isn’t a big deal with just a handful of tables, but gets very annoying on larger systems).

I propose adding a tab for the actual positioning (they are currently stored in the account, but can be lost), also this would allow me to share the dbdiagram with others and they can easily import my positioning.


Thanks for suggesting this.

Actually, we do have a plan to support including all the table positions in DBML by using the annotation syntax. Here is the detailed proposal: https://github.com/holistics/dbml/issues/53.

By doing this way, you don’t have to worry about losing the table positions because they will be defined in your DBML, and dbdiagram will look into it to render your tables. Not only table positions but also all the table metadata (headercolor, darkmode,…) in the scope of dbdiagram can be included in your DBML as well.

Will keep you informed when it’s out.

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